Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Big "Thank You!" to Pat Glenday

Over sixty people gathered in the Community Centre this afternoon to say a big "Thank You!" to Pat Glenday on her retirement as manager of the Kilchoan Learning Centre.

Trevor Potts, Richard O'Connor and Ricky Clark (above) all paid warm tributes to the many hours of hard work that Pat has put in to making the Centre one of the most successful in Scotland.  While it is the smallest of West Highland College UHI's rural centres, Pat has run twice as many courses as any other, attracting twice as many students - and she has run the college so it has broken even financially.

The emphasis on the many gifts which were presented to Pat - Holly Cameron is seen here with Pat - was on things for the garden, as this is where Pat intends to spend a good proportion of the many hours she now has on her hands.

The centrepiece of the large amounts of food which were donated by those who attended was this magnificent cake, showing Pat relaxing at her computer, made by Sue Cameron.

Not that Pat has completely finished with the Learning Centre.  She will be working with Dale Meagan, who has recently taken over from Pat as Kilchoan's Rural Learning Manager, as a facilitator, helping with some of the courses.

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