Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sea Eagle's Prey

At the beginning of the month (here) the Diary published a photograph of a sea eagle carrying what might have been a lamb.  Malcolm Appleby was staying at Trevor Potts' Ardnamurchan Campsite that day, and he took this picture of the same eagle as it flew east along Ormsaigbeg.  Sadly, this leaves no doubt as to what its prey was.

On a much happier note, Malcolm also sends this picture of a goldfinch peeping at him from its nest in a fir tree.  Malcolm writes, "The goldfinch is nesting in the tree to the left of Trevor's caravan and is beautifully camouflaged."

Goldfinches are one of the birds which are surprisingly common in Ormsaigbeg, coming to our bird feeders right the way through the winter. They're seed eaters, but they seem to enjoy the peanuts in the hanging feeders more than the grain we put out.

Many thanks to Malcolm for the pictures.

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