Thursday, 28 May 2015

Gannet Dive

The gannets were active just off Mingary Pier yesterday morning, a group of them spending several minutes plunging into the same small area of sea.  It gave me the opportunity to do something I've tried before and failed - capture a gannet dive.

What's striking about this is how smoothly the bird enters the water, with hardly....

....a splash.  I also like the expression of his friend, who is obviously watching the dive with professional interest.  You can see a group of them holding up their score cards.... 8, 7, 9.

The workers at Mingary Castle have been commenting on how often they've been seeing a small pod of dolphins in this same area between the pier and the castle.

Gannets are beautiful birds, masters of what they do, so it's very good to see many more of them in the Sound of Mull this year compared to last.

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  1. Wonderful photos Jon! I love gannets too and have spent many a happy hour on the rocks at the lighthouse watching them! I love hearing as well as seeing the splash as they enter the sea!
    I visited the Western Isles earlier this month and saw lots of gannets doing as you say what they do best! I have missed being at the lighthouse but saw it from the Minch on the ferry back from Barra! I look forward to your diary entry every day it makes me feel I am not actual 650 miles away in Suffolk! Thank you! Sara