Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Birds and More Bunnies

With the wind persistent and strong in the southwest and the prawns not at their best, creel boat owner Alasdair MacLachlan has used the opportunity to bring his Emma-Maria alongside the slipway by the shop to give her some well-deserved attention.  As the photo was taken....

....a pair of mallard rose from the marshes and flew across the bay.

Despite the very varied weather, this seems to be a good year for warblers, with more singing along Ormsaigbeg than we remember from previous years.  They aren't easy to identify, particularly when they don't sit still for a moment, but this one is likely, from its song, to be a willow warbler.

The Raptor has sent this fine picture of a dunlin, one of a pair which are nesting on the banks of a local burn, and also....

....this picture, which proves that, while the Raptor feared that yesterday's rabbit was, 'Definitely the last one!', he wasn't, and, if these rabbits live up to their reputation, we might yet see a lot more.

Many thanks to the Raptor for his pictures.


  1. With all due respect for the Raptor, one might ask for an explanation as to how the same rabbit, identified by its raggedy ears, appears in the same position and spot as the day before. Could it be that perhaps we're having some rabbit fur pulled over our eyes? Jim

  2. Yes, Jim, lots of fur. Both photos were taken yesterday, but he sent me the one - which I immediately published - before the other, and without telling me that there was a second rabbit. Doesn't take away from the fact that we're short of rabbits, though I notice from some of the comments that others have lots to spare. Jon

  3. The rabbit in the foreground looks to me like it is recovering from myxy with the scabbing in the ears and the fur pattern over its left eye. The rabbit fleas in the second rabbits ear also suggest there may be a few more rabbits around than you think. Great to see!

  4. Many thanks for the insight, freedomofabird.
    I lived in Sussex at the height of myxomatosis in the 50s and became used to seeing rabbits standing in the road in a pitiable condition. I haven't seen anything like that here, thank goodness. Jon

  5. Dear diary your dunlin is I'm afraid a common sandpiper.

  6. Hi Paul - Yes, the Raptor and I are mortified over this public misidentification. All we can promise is to try to do better next time. Jon

  7. Don't mention it, I'm amazed at getting so close to such a wary and usually very nervous bird, well done. Paul.