Tuesday, 26 May 2015

House for Sale in Kilchoan

It's a rare event when a house comes up for sale in Kilchoan, and the latest offering on the property market is special - just as its name suggests.  'Water's Edge' is right on the edge of the sea just beyond the Ferry Stores, with wonderful views across a small lochan, the haunt of a wide variety of birds as well as otters and other passing creatures, and across Kilchoan Bay to the Sound of Mull and Mull itself.

There are plenty of pictures of the interior of the house on the Agent's website, but none give an idea of the superb setting of this house.  And, no, this isn't an ideal picture in one way, in that you can't actually see the house - it's behind the fir tree under the arrow - but that, again, says something about its seclusion.

Full details on emoov's website - here.

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