Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Winter Tightens its Grip

We're back into winter.  This was the view across Kilchoan Bay this morning, after a night in which the temperature, once again, dropped to 2C and saw some blustery hail showers.  These, interspersed with something that might be termed slushy snow, have continued on and off all day today even in relatively mild Ormsaigbeg.

The snow and hail melts quickly enough here but, on the hills on the other side of the Sound of Mull, it's been settling steadily.  Seeing a passing fishing boat at times like this reminds one that the fish we take for granted on our tables is hard won.

Only a week ago we were enjoying blue skies and daytime temperatures over 20C.

1 comment:

  1. Those blue skies look amazing - what a beautiful colour.

    It certainly has turned chilly but hopefully once May arrives it will be warm once more.

    All the best Jan