Friday, 24 April 2015

Spring - Part Two

As the day-length drew out and the weather started to warm, there was an almost indecent rush into bloom by the first spring flowers, led by celandine and primrose, and followed by violet and dandelion, many of them hurrying before the bracken shot up to shade them out.  There then seems to be a slight pause before the second group begin a much more sedate flowering.  We've seen the first bluebells, and...., this plant with its beautiful red leaves growing close to a water-filled ditch.  It may be bugle - but can someone correct me?

Much more difficult to find, because its leaves are only a centimetre across, is round-leaved sundew, not in flower yet, though the bright colours of its leaves might be mistaken for flowers, particularly by an unwary insect.

Another sign of spring is the reappearance of the common lizards, sunning themselves in the stone wall which runs along the side of the house, with their varieties of patterns and colours.

Well done to the Raptor for being the first to land a picture of this year's cuckoos, taken along the road by the Caim forestry block, with its attendant small birds wishing it would go away....

....and many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for this picture of a bird that's surprisingly rare here.

And finally, here's a testament to the Raptor's cat's hunting prowess.  Henry who, as everyone knows, owns Ardnamurchan Estate, was responsible for the demise of this weasel, which is quite capable of  killing a rabbit or a chicken.

Many thanks to the Raptor and Kilchoan Early Bird for their pictures.


  1. Bugle.
    Spot on. Ajuga reptans.


  2. Thank you, Sheila. It's rare that I manage to identify these plants. Jon