Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Warships in the Haze

A grey heron has his back to a flat calm, hazy sea near the shop this morning.  It probably didn't want to watch what was happening on the opposite side of the Sound of Mull....

....where the German navy's A514 Werra, a replenishment ship, seemed either to be on fire or burning rubbish.  When this picture was a taken we could just make out, alongside her, one of the Zobel class fast attack craft which have been up and down the Sound several times during the last few days.  Then, early this afternoon, no less than four of them left their mother ship, two heading north, two south.

The Danish frigate F357 Thetis passed us going south late this morning, seen here passing Ardmore light.  The name Thetis doesn't have happy memories in the Royal Navy, as this was the name of a submarine which sank off Llandudno in 1939 in tragic circumstances, with the loss of 99 lives - full story here.

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