Sunday, 26 April 2015

Joint Warrior Ends

The twice-annual Joint Warrior exercise certainly gives us something to look at as the ships come and go through the Sound of Mull.  Some of the things associated with it are more difficult to see.  For example, on Friday, the last day of the exercise, there was considerable air activity, with the roar of fighters high above us, but most of the 'planes were invisible above the clouds.  However, two of the 'planes in this picture passed over travelling south.

Kilchoan Early Bird, from his vantage point towards the end of the peninsula, probably saw far more of the activity than we did, including this submarine passing Muck, with the snow-covered hills of Rum behind it.

On the subject of the weather, the participants in Joint Warrior had almost perfect conditions, but these have now deteriorated.  Today we have a stiff northwester bringing in heavy showers, some of hail, and the temperature is forecast to drop to -2C tonight.  Ah well, it was a good summer while it lasted.

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