Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Signs of Summer in the Rain

After a beautiful day on Sunday, yesterday saw the weather slide steadily downhill, with heavy rain coming in overnight on a warm westerly, so much that, as we walked along the Ormsaigbeg road to the shop this morning, the slugs looked as if they were drowning in the road...,

....and there were worms all over the place, washed out of their holes in the soil.

On what might be seen as a more positive note by all except gardeners, the first snails were venturing forth, which isn't surprising as the night-time temperatures are holding up around 7C.

Then, as we reached the shop, something flashed across the sky above the petrol pumps.  It took several very wet minutes, and a consequently damp camera, to capture him, but here's the evidence of the first house martin of the summer.

With the Raptor reporting the first swallow as being early, is this house martin early too?

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