Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sea Eagle Visit - Interrupted

It was the raucous screaming of the gulls that made us look up - to see a fully-grown sea eagle being chased around the sky by several gulls....

....a shelduck....

....and a hoodie while, at a lower level, the oystercatchers along the beach were beside themselves with fury.

The eagle tried doing some leisurely circles over Ormsaigbeg but the harassment was so intense that he gave up and flew off in the direction of Ben Hiant.

Harassment by the hoodies seems to have discouraged our two resident buzzards from nesting in the high trees half way along Ormsaigbeg this year, for the first time since we've lived here.  There seem to be far more hoodies and ravens than in previous years, with reports of as many as sixty ravens on Estate land.

In this morning's early mist Kilchoan Early Bird took this superb picture of a red grouse.  By eleven the mist and low cloud were lifting to give us a stunning day, with the temperature in the shade soaring to 19C at lunchtime.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for the picture.

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  1. On our first visit to Ardnamurchan my Wife and I climbed theLighthouse Tower where we were met by a very nice guide the views were stunning , tea and scones in the cafe lovely served by a cheery girl. We decided to camp in Kilchoan, but on arrival took one look and left it resembled a junk yard .WE then went to the Hotel and were astonished when our fish teas were served in what looked like a fish box very unhygenic, we ordered coffee which never arrived as the staff were too busy watching rugby on the TV the food was awful good bye Ardnamurchan