Monday, 20 April 2015

Lysblink Seaways to be Broken Up

The DFDS Group, owners of the Lysblink Seaways, have decided to break her up as the damage to her hull is too extensive to repair.  This says something about the speed at which the ship was travelling when she struck the rocks by Mingary Pier on 18th February.

The ship, currently in Inchgreen Drydock, Greenock, will be towed to DRB Marine Services at Rosneath where she will be broken up for recycling.  Full story here and photos here.

Many thanks to SS for drawing my attention to the story.


  1. That answers my question as to why yesterday I noticed she had been moved to Rosneath jetty, long time in making a decision.

  2. A sad end to a previously busy and apparently well-maintained ship. MAIB Report awaited with interest, but probably a long wait.

  3. The MIAB report has been published

  4. I wonder if it wasn't so much the impact crunch at the bow that's uneconomic to repair as the fact that the pirouetting around of the still floating stern while held by the bow has twisted the keel out of shape (excuse non-technical language) in a way not immediately visible externally?