Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Glorious Sunshine

With the sun out all morning and light winds, the air temperature just before midday today hit 19C, and the wildflowers are now rushing into bloom after a late spring.  The first violets, in a bank along the Ormsaigbeg road, always seem to be the paler varieties, with the deeper toned flowers appearing later.

Lesser celandine have been in flower for a week or two but now they're out in profusion, with a better display than last year.  In many places, like this one, they have to hurry as the area will shortly be shaded out by bracken.

The buff- or white-tailed bumblebees - I can't tell the difference - have been visiting our garden heathers for about a fortnight, but today's warmth brought out the first common carders.

If the sudden heat is bringing out the wildlife, the domesticates seem to find it exhausting.  These pigs are on the croft next to us.

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