Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Welcome Back!

We walked to the shop in bright sunshine this afternoon, passing this peacock butterfly soaking up the sun amidst this year's bumper crop of celandines.  Considering that this butterfly has gone through a remarkably wet winter and into a late spring, it's in beautiful condition.

Some of the small birds which have been absent from our garden all winter are beginning to reappear.  This is the first redpoll since last autumn - not a very happy one as this was taken two days ago when it was raining - and....

....we were thrilled this morning top see the first siskin since last summer, in very bright mating plumage, and in the siskin's characteristic feeding posture - upside-down.  He's joined on the feeder by one of the many goldfinches which have been with us all winter.

Redwings have been around all winter and may stay in this part of Britain through the summer, though we don't usually see them.  They're shy birds, difficult to get close to, but this one, which was all by itself in Nan MacLachlan's field with her lambs, seemed unusually tame.

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