Friday, 17 April 2015

More from The Raptor

Pictures from the Raptor are a bit like London buses - you wait ages for one to come along, and then a whole lot arrive.  Not that we're complaining, as the latest batch are, as always, well worth looking at.

The Raptor says, "At least this stone chat knows how to use passing places. Maybe it could be a lesson to some of our human friends.

"Three days in a row now this bird has appeared as we pass, he then moves along from post to post as Callan Dubh walks along the road, until at the fourth post he flies all the was back to where his escort started and goes about his daily business."

The other thing about the Raptor is that he's always willing to experiment.  Of this picture he says, "I stood at my front door with the camera set to take multiple frames. As the bat flew into view I just held the shutter and this is the best I got. I like the shadows the speed of the bat creates which look like the contrails left by jet fighters."

On the subject of wildlife, Mr Richard O'Connor of Achosnich kindly 'phoned this morning to say that he had heard the first cuckoo of the year today, at least a week early.  However, Mr Jim Caldwell of Portuairk informs me that the cuckoo first called there a couple of days ago, at least a week early.  The next thing, gentlemen, is a picture of the bird.

Many thanks to the Raptor for the pictures.

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