Monday, 13 April 2015

Sanna Madness

A dark, fish-like beast was spotted in the surf at Sanna on Saturday.  Fearing it might be a cetacean stranding, holidaymakers rushed into the water to render assistance, only to discover....

...that it was another member of the Diary's family who seems to enjoy swimming in sub-zero temperatures.


  1. Hi Jon, great Diary and brightens my dinner time at work. We've been regular visitors for a few years now, but never ventured across country like you do so regulary. We tend to stay more coastal. As you often come across many deer and livestock, we were wondering if you have had any close encounters?

  2. So pleased you enjoy the Diary, Dave. No, no close encounters, but we are very careful, particularly during the rutting season, of the need to make stags aware of our presence well in advance of our arrival. Jon