Monday, 29 December 2014

Pig on the Loose

We had just enjoyed another fiery sunrise this morning, with the prospect of a sunny day to come, when everything was spoilt.... a resurgence of pig problems.  Just as Ormsaigbeg residents were beginning to get used to the idea that pigs stayed in their electrified pens and that it's sheep, at this time of year, which wander all over the croft lands and threaten our vegetable gardens, this sow came waltzing down the road, having paid a rather unwelcome visit to the croft on the other side of us, which also has pigs.

In the low light of late afternoon on a drive out of the village towards Caim, we saw a large herd of as many as fifty red deer grazing near the road.  The pleasure of this peaceful country scene was rather spoiled by the thought that, one day, if deer numbers exploded as fast as local pig populations, we might find a similar sized herd enjoying our vegetable garden.

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