Friday, 5 December 2014


I suppose the idea of taking a half-hour ferry trip in order to visit the dentist may seem, at least, different if not rather fun, but it didn't seem so this morning when the Raasay arrived at Mingary Pier in the tail-end of a hailstorm, with a cold northwester blowing, but.... the time we were half way to Tobermory the sun had come out on Ardnamurchan and was chasing us across the Sound.

I was the only passenger on the way across, and one of three on the return, so the ferry is very quiet.  But contrast this with some of the summer sailings, when people have to be turned aside.

For most of the time Tobermory was bathed in bright sunshine, though, as the clouds suggest, there were a couple of heavy hail showers while I was there.  There isn't much to do in a small town in winter when one has almost four hours to kill, but the people are always pleasant, particularly the crew on the ferry, so it's not too bad a day.

And many thanks to the heron for posing in exactly the right place for this picture of Tobermory High Street.


  1. I hope it was a pleasant dental visit :)

  2. Yes, thanks. The Tobermory dental surgery is another of those wonderfully friendly, efficient little operations which are the jewels of our NHS.