Saturday, 13 December 2014

Storm Pictures

These pictures, sent in by the Raptor, show the storm at its height.  This one was taken from Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse looking south towards Mull.

This picture shows the bay immediately to the south of the lighthouse.

The Raptor's interest in all creatures feathered comes out in this superb picture of a gull working its way into the wind.  This is prize-winning quality.

Many thanks to the Raptor for allowing the Diary to carry these pictures.

Many thanks too to Ritchie Dinnes who writes in from Swordle with this photo of a helicopter checking the lines this morning, with Eigg and a snow-covered Rum in the background.

Ritchie spoke to one of the HEB engineers on Friday at Caim who informed him that all the damage over the last few days had been caused by lightning, with transformers, poles and wires burned through. The engineer finished work at Swordle at 2.30am on Friday morning and drove home, had two hours sleep and turned up for work at 7.30am on Friday.


  1. Well done to the Raptor for the superb pictures.

  2. Absolutely stunning pictures. The views of the weather make me shiver, even though I'm in my centrally-heated study at the moment...


  3. Jon, the HEB engineer, I'm sure, is deserving of much praise for his obvious devotion to duty.
    I doubt if he'll be reading this post - it's a pity that splendid actions such as his don't always come to the notice of Employers...


  4. Hi Richard - I have spoken to various people at SSE over the last few days and stressed how much we appreciate the efforts of their engineers but, as you say, doubt whether their senior staff pass on such praise. Jon