Sunday, 21 December 2014


We haven't had a dry day this month, so the ground is absolutely saturated - with the result that when the temperature rose as we came into a run of westerlies, the hail showers turned to slightly more serious rain and the floods started.  With the weather as unpleasant as it is, we decided not to take our usual Sunday walk across hills that are sodden, opting instead for a paddle along the road.  This the Ormsaigbeg road just along from Craigard croft.

What are normally chuckling burns are in full flood, and low cloud obscures the hill tops.  This is 'Glengorm', with Glas Bheinn lost behind it.

Some of the flooding is caused by blocked drains, which is probably the reason for the rather spectacular waterfall in front of this caravan: it's never been there before.

While most of the beasts in the fields look utterly miserable, she rain doesn't bother some.  This cormorant was sitting on the post at the bottom of the slipway by the Ferry Stores.  For such an ungainly bird, landing on so small an area must be quite a feat - but then, it may be a rather special bird: look carefully at its right leg, where it appears to have been ringed.

Before the rain started, the trail cam at the back of our house caught a pine marten.  I haven't learnt how to edit a video so stay with this one - he appears after a few seconds and again towards the end.

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