Sunday, 14 December 2014

More, and More, and More Pigs

The onward march of pigs continues remorselessly.  Hughie, not content with what Betsy can produce, bought two new sows, and both of these have just produced litters, with Bobby the father.  We visited the maternity unit in Hughie's barn yesterday, to find the two ladies and their young very comfortably ensconced, surrounded by chickens and sheep.

There are a total of fifteen piglets between the two ladies, and Betsy isn't far from producing her next litter.  If she produces anything like her usual number, it'll mean Hughie will have over twenty piglets.  This isn't crofting, it's pig farming on an industrial scale.

We visited Betsy's previous litter the other day.  They're in Hughie's apportionment, up by the fire station, and looked very cheerful and healthy despite the terrible weather on that day.

At least Hughie's pigs are in Kilchoan, a safe distance away from us.  This picture shows our neighbouring croft, one that has been neglected for years but recently taken over by a young couple.  It's really good to see them working it.  They have sheep, chickens, ducks and.... pigs - a boar, an adult sow, and two young sows.


  1. Well Jon at least the pigs are better than power cuts.

  2. what have you got against pigs, Jon ... they're very intelligent creatures (albeit a bit smelly maybe)

  3. I love pigs really, certainly more than power cuts, mostly as bacon. Jon

  4. Jon, looks like Hughie's plan to take over the world with his pigs is working, all the to him. Terry & carol.