Friday, 12 December 2014


The Diary is always grateful to readers who write in about anything that has relevance to this website - the email address is in the right-hand column.

Alasdair Thornton writes to remind us that British Cycling's annual 'Cross at the Castle' event takes place at Glengorm Castle this weekend, starting Saturday - details here.

Dominic Cooper draws my attention to a site which shows wave heights off Orkney.  This recorded a wave of over 31m height, that's roughly 100ft high, on Wednesday.  Dominic quoted the coxswain of the Stromness Lifeboat on returning from rescuing a Spanish trawler who had encountered waves of 25-30m as saying, ‘Luckily we were running with the seas—if we’d been punching into them it’d have been hard work.’

Lastly, many thanks to Rachael Kidd who was doing some research on the Tate website and stumbled upon a sketch of Ardnamurchan made by Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1831 while he was travelling by boat from Tobermory to Satffa.  It looks as if it might be the coast along from Ormsaigbeg.  I'd like those who know this section of coast to take a look at it and see if they recognise where it is.  The link is here.

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