Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sunrise over Kilchoan Bay

These pictures were taken during a half-hour period this morning from the area around the Ferry Stores.  The first, taken just after nine, looks from the road by Craigard croft across the entrance to Kilchoan Bay to Auliston Point on Morvern.

We hardly seem to have plunged into winter before we're approaching the solstice, a week away.  From the point of view of taking pictures of sunrises, this is the perfect time of year as the sun comes up slowly right across the Sound so that, on a calm, slightly frosty morning like this morning, it's reflected in the still waters.

This picture looks across the bay from the slipway below the shop.

Taken a couple of minutes later from the little beach to the east of the shop, this photo features a co-operative common gull.

This is the second time recently that a grey heron has placed itself neatly in a shot.  This one is standing in the shallow waters of Lochan nan Al, just to the west of the shop, with the hills of Morvern in the distance to the left, and Mull at centre and right.

The last picture was taken from beside the shepherd's hut at the west end of Lochan nan Al.  The hut is available for rent, website here.


  1. We stayed at Lochan nan al campsite this year a got amazing photographs of Heron and ducks with chicks, beautiful spot.
    MacLeod family.