Tuesday, 9 December 2014

And Next for Our Enjoyment.... Gales

This is the current surface windspeed chart from Cameron Beccario's excellent site, here, which shows what's coming our way.  All the weather sites are forecasting  gales through to strong gales over the next 48 hours, with the wind going round from the southeaster that's blowing at the moment to a westerly.  The strong westerly gale that's forecast for tomorrow morning coincides with a spring tide of 4.8m at Tobermory.  In the past, that's caused tidal surges which have cut the road east along the peninsula.

Also being forecast are exceptionally high waves.  This clip is from the surfing site Magicseaweed, link here, showing the forecast wave heights for tomorrow midday - black being extreme.  No doubt surfers will be flocking to Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse to enjoy them.

Despite these dire warnings, the Raasay set off from Tobermory on its usual morning sailing but, from what I can tell from the AIS, it looks as if it turned back after reaching Rubha nan Gall light


  1. Thank you Jon for yet another fascinating link..(.the wave height one.)
    Yet another you have told us about that has been added to my favourite bar.

    Batten down the hatches. Hope there are no more problems with the electricity supply./or worse the road flooding and cutting houses off.

  2. I like the Magicseawed site's imaginative use of colour.
    Thanks for your kind wishes, Sheila.