Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hail, Gales, Power Cuts

We've had a day of gales and power cuts.  The weather on the west end of Ardnamurchan, at the lighthouse and Sanna, has been described by those who ventured out there as 'wild', with winds well above gale force.  The picture shows the view across Kilchoan Bay, one the lee side of the peninsula, as one of the many hail storms came through.  These have been accompanied by lightning, so we lost the power three times: between 4.00am and 5.30, then from 6.30 to 10.30, and finally from 1.15pm until 5.00pm.  Engineers at Scottish Hydro Electric have been hunting up and down the peninsula looking for the faults, and at one point said they would be sending a generator out to power the end of the peninsula while they could mend the line - so it's possible we're on generator power now.

The Hydro is sufficiently worried about the community to have despatched a catering van with hot food.  This will be at the Community Centre car park from about 6.30 this evening.  It's a kind thought.

There's no sign of a let-up until tomorrow evening, when the wind is forecast to drop.


  1. Best wishes from the "soft south coast" hope the weather improves soon. The catering van seems an inspired idea. Keep safe

  2. Many thanks for your kind wishes. From what I saw of the weather forecast tonight, it's your turn later in the week. Jon

  3. Relieved to see you're posting again! Hope you're over the worst now, and that there hasn't been too much damage to the villages and cottages round the coast of Ardnamurchan. The catering van sounds great, don't think anyone gets that service from the English power companies!