Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gales to Continue

It's been breezy all day here, with the wind going round steadily from the south-southeast to the west, and wet - but at least it's been warm.  The Raasay did make it across the Sound all right this morning, which was good as it brought across two people from Archaeology Scotland who are running a course on digital mapping in the Kilchoan Learning Centre today and tomorrow, but that was the only sailing of the day.

Picture shows Lochan na Crannaig, the lochan of the crannog, taken from the Kilchoan to Portuairk road.  The little island is the supposed site of the crannog.  It has some stone structures on it but, since it was also used as a meeting place by the Free Church early in its history when it had no promises, these may date from that time.

There's no sign of a let-up in the weather.  The forecast for tomorrow morning is for strong gales, starting in the early hours and continuing all day; and it's not much different on Thursday, except that the wind is moving further into the north and the temperature is falling.  With all the rain over the last few days the burns are busy, but at least we haven't any snow in the forecast, as has Fort William on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the effects of the lightning strikes are being reported from all over the peninsula.  A number of people have lost electrical equipment, particularly routers, and some have lost their line connections.  BT are replacing our router without argument.  Delivery is supposed to be tomorrow but we're not holding our breath.

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