Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ships in the Sound

The last few weeks have been very quiet in the Sound, with fewer ships making passage along it than I can remember in the last few years, and none of them very exciting.  We've had some freighters, such as this one, the Warber, fully loaded on her way to Greenock, but she passed in the opposite direction only a couple of months before.
An older friend is the Burhou 1, which seems to be employed on a regular basis moving timber, on this occasion to Corpach.

The usual collection of trawlers have passed.  This is the Fraserburgh-registered Jann Denise, FR80, a clam dredger.

I had to while away some hours recently in Tobermory, and spent some of that time watching the crew of the Jacobite unload their catch near the CalMac slipway.  Their main catch seemed to be crab, which they were putting into fish boxes.  Previously, I have only seen her from a distance, and she's always looked a very tidy boat. This was confirmed up-close.

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