Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Summit of Beinn na Seilg

It's very rarely that we find ourselves the subject of a photograph, but our companion on this morning's walk, which took us to the summit of Beinn na Seilg at the back of Ormsaigbeg, was insistent - and we're thrilled with the result as he's captured wonderfully how small we humans are against the magnificent scenery of Ardnamurchan's highlands.

This picture looks southeastwards across the Sound of Mull, to Morvern at centre, Ben Hiant at left, with Loch Sunart between them, and Mull at right.

We've always felt that the views from the summit of this hill are every bit as good as those from the more frequently climbed Ben Hiant, and there was something about this morning low cloud and a mist that clung to the land which made them even more special.

This picture looks towards the northeast.  The half-hidden lochan is Lochan an Aodainn, with the ridge of Beinn na h-Imeilte behind it, and Muck and Eigg in the murky distance.

It's always good to walk with a companion, particularly one who isn't able to enjoy the privilege we have of being able to walk in these hills every day: it makes us realise how very fortunate we are.

This view, from a little nearer the summit, shows Lochan na Crannaig and, to its right, the hill called Creag an Airgid.

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