Friday, 13 June 2014

Progress at Mingary Castle

For just over a year I've been visiting Mingary Castle at least once a week, watching as what was happening there changed from initial surveys and site recording though stages of stabilising the structure and archaeological investigation to what is happening now - reconstruction.

Yesterday's visit saw another milestone, the removal of the temporary roof which has, all winter, covered the main building in the courtyard, the 'north range'.  The reason it had to go is that the gable ends and two interior structural walls have to rise to the permanent roof level.  A great deal else has been happening recently, including the repointing of the curtain walls, which is about half complete, and insertion of concrete and oak lintels within the building.

The visits have produced a blog which can be followed here.

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  1. so pretty there and thanks for the castle blog link, that's fascinating.