Friday, 20 June 2014

Rhubarb.... What?

Rhubarb is usually thought of as something that's safest served up for pudding as, for example, a crumble or a fool.  In the distant past, when we made our own wine, we experimented with rhubarb but it turned out so eyewateringly dreadful that we banished the bottles to a cobwebbed corner of the garage and forgot about them.

As it proved with our wine which, when we rediscovered it some years later, had matured into something rather special, rhubarb has unplumbed depths.  Given a load of rhubarb to use, Kilchoan Hotel's imaginative chef decided to try something new and different - rhubarb and lentil soup.  When the small group of old men who meet on a Thursday at the Kilchoan pub to sort out the world's woes were given a chance to sample it, they were impressed.  Rhubarb and lentil soup could definitely become the Hotel's signature dish.

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