Monday, 16 June 2014

Haar Sea Rescue

At just before six this evening the Tobermory lifeboat came out of Tobermory at speed, with the haar rolling up the Sound of Mull and then lifting as it approached Morvern.

She went to a RIB which had lost power in the middle of this busy waterway.  We'd been watching the RIB from the vantage of our back terrace and had assumed her crew had stopped to do a bit of mackerel fishing.  The lifeboat launched her Y-boat to recover the RIB, then....

....took her in an alongside tow....

....and headed towards Kilchoan.

She stopped off Kilchoan Bay, and the Y-boat was launched again.... tow the RIB to the jetty....

....where the crew was met by members of Kilchoan Coastguard.

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