Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dawn This Morning

These beautifully peaceful pictures are from Kilchoan Early Bird.  He writes, "First photo was at 4.30 this morning, Jon, and the next at 5.00 - to save you getting up."

It's very kind of him but makes me realise that, when there's a dawn like this, I really should be up and about like he is.

The day continued the same way, with the temperature hitting 24C in the shade just after midday.

Many thanks for the photos and the thought.


  1. There is, apparently, a Swedish word - gökotta - which means to get up early and go outside to appreciate nature. The Early Bird must have it!

  2. Magnificent photos !

  3. Is that the lochan n the road to Portuairk?
    We're visiting again in August, and I'm tempted to get up for some early shots. Incidentally, what are the midges like at that time of day?