Saturday, 14 June 2014

Calm, Grey Days

It rained on and off all day yesterday producing a pathetic 3mm over the 24 hours, something the weather could have delivered in a few minutes if it had put its mind to it.  By this morning the rain had stopped and the sea lay calm, but the cloud was down to sea level in places, so we woke to the boom of foghorns in the Sound.

As the mist lifted it revealed masses of seabirds settled on the water.  Over the past few days we've noticed bait fish swirling at the surface and more gannets patrolling the Sound, with some of them diving for fish.  Fishermen are reporting good catches of mackerel - one person caught 51 yesterday - with many of the fish a good size.

We're not certain what the birds were but they may have been Manx shearwaters.  They seems to gather in several flocks, each over a hundred strong.


  1. Your birds are shearwaters, they nest over on Rum.

  2. No more of cat and mouse pictures I was physically sick , and still cannot eat it was disgusting, this should not be on the Blog