Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bobby Goes AWOL

Poor Betsy, once again she's alone in the pig run below our house - not, this time, because Hughie has moved Bobby away but because Bobby has escaped, again.

It's not difficult to see how he got out, though it's fairly obvious that there was a strong motive for this escape for him to have heaved up this fence post.  What seemed so odd was that Betsy hadn't followed him, because....

....wherever Bobby was going he was stopping off along the way to enjoy a few snacks on land that's a pig's dream compared to the turned-up earth in the run.  At least his trail wasn't difficult to follow, and it led....

....almost inevitably, to the neighbouring run, where Bobby has moved in with a new lady.  No wonder Betsy looked so sad, and no wonder she didn't bother to follow him.  What a louse Bobby is, though one could argue that the look he has in this picture, directed towards his old run, might indicate just a tiny bit of guilt.

On the subject of pigs - and, for us, it's a very important subject - rumour has it that the field next to our house is to be turned into yet another pig run, joining the two below the road.  This means we'll be almost completely surrounded by pigs.  Why is it that all the pigs have to be up our end of Ormsaigbeg?

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  1. Looks like he's traded Betsy in for a younger, slimmer model.