Wednesday, 11 June 2014


This, rather poor picture shows a group of eggs against a 20p piece, unearthed while digging the broccoli bed this morning.  I suspect they may be slow worm eggs as we have plenty of them in the vegetable garden, but does anyone know what laid them?


  1. Jon,

    they look a bit small for Slow Worms - are they perhaps slug eggs?

    Dave K.

  2. sorry but slow worms give birth to live young, they look like slug eggs

  3. Unlikely to be slow worm eggs - they give birth to live young ! Snails or slugs possibly .

  4. Yes, I would say snail or slug eggs. Slow worms give birth to live young (viviparous?) so don't lay eggs.

  5. Jon, you should eat them. Snail caviar is around £150 for 50 grams.
    Chris G
    P.S. you first

  6. Many thanks - I live and learn. We have plenty of slugs and snails this summer so it would explain why I've unearthed three of these nests in the last few days. As for your suggestion, Chris, where do they sell them for £150 for 50g? Perhaps we could we go in to business together? Jon