Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Haar Day

Today started with low cloud and mist right down to sea level, so big ships moving in the Sound of Mull were making good use of their foghorns.  Visibility wasn't much above half a mile at best - no fun for small boats at sea including this creel boat.  Little changed until about midday when....

....the sun managed to burn away the top of the mist leaving a sea-hugging haar which....

....moved around in the light westerly which began to blow.  That's the top of Ben Hiant in both this and the previous photo, with Pier Road emerging at bottom left.

Soon after the wind went round quite suddenly into the north and began to roll the haar away, exposing the houses in Pier Road but....

....moving great banks of fog around the Sound of Mull.  This must have been a nightmare for the yachtsmen who were sailing out to take advantage of the clearing weather, when they might, at any moment, meet....

....something like this heaving out of the murk.


  1. Gorgeous pics of your part of the world. Since 2012, the Queen's jubilee & the Olympics, I am fixated on the British Isles. It's a place I don't think I'll ever visit, but I am so grateful to Google for creating street view. So many places I can get a better pic of in my mind with this new aide. :)

    1. I left my heart to Kilchoan in 2006... Ever since we've been back to Scotland almost every year but yet to visit Ardnamurchan peninsula again. Maybe next year, who knows...
      Pictures are gorgeous but nothing comparing to the "live version". :)

  2. Many thanks for the kind words about the pictures, but fully understand that they are a very poor second to being here. Jon