Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Road KIll

Every year, because many of our local roads are unfenced, a number of lambs fall victim to passing vehicles.  Usually, it's early in the lambing season, when the small lambs haven't had the time to learn any traffic sense, but this fine-looking lamb was lying beside the road near Kilmory township the other day - the oncoming vehicle in the picture had nothing to do with its demise.

Lambs do have a habit of finding themselves on the opposite side of the road to Mummy just when a car is approaching, and make a dash for the safety of her side.  We've all had near-misses, and we've met some very distressed motorists after they've hit and killed one - and it's distressing too for the ewe and the owner.


  1. Is anybody who knocks down & kills a lamb - or any kind of livestock - under any legal obligation to report it to the police &/or the owner?

    1. The Road Traffic Act 1988 is very precise. It says where any "goat, dog, pig, sheep, ass, mule, horse or cattle" is involved in an accident it should be reported to the police just as if it was a human being.
      Police forces also suggest that reporting it to the local authority is good practice, so as to allow the clean up afterwards.
      Sad subject.
      Peter C

  2. Ducks should be added to that list as they have the right of way when heading to and from water.