Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sun & Moon

Kilchoan Early Bird sends in this picture of the sun and the moon seen together in yesterday's sky.  As he says, "I've never seen this in my life, but with it being the longest day it's interesting."

And this picture, of Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, was taken at midnight.  At these latitudes, the sky never gets entirely dark at midsummer, even on a cloudy evening.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for the pictures.

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  1. Puzzled by Early Bird's claim to having captured the sun and FULL moon in one frame, I couldn't resist but to comment. Firstly the moon would be opposite the sun if it were full and secondly, the moon is in fact just less than half at the moment, at waning crescent. Might I suggest this beautifully atmospheric photograph (in every sense of the word) shows the sun through cloud but with a thinner more translucent veil lit up to the lower left.