Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wind Surf in the Sound

Many thanks to Interested Bystander and Kilchoan Early Bird for alerting the Diary to an unusual cruise ship which came along the north coast of Ardnamurchan this evening.  The Wind Surf rounded Ardnamurchan Point before turning into the Sound of Mull - picture shows her as she came into view behind Sron Bheag.

Wind Surf is one of Windstar Cruises' ships - see their website here - carrying 310 passengers in some luxury.  One of her selling points is that she has sails, but none of them was unfurled as she rounded Ardnamurchan Point.  She then headed across the Sound.  Ardmore Point light is at left in this picture, with the telecommunications masts on Glengorm at top right.
To our surprise, she headed straight in to Tobermory Bay.  The cruise ship Discovery had been patiently anchored off the port all day, ferrying her passengers back and forth.  But Wind Surf spent only about half an hour in Tobermory before she came out again, now under sail, heading for Portrush.

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  1. Dave McFadzean Moniaive29 August 2013 at 10:15

    SOUND QUERY? Hi Jon. Always been puzzled what the stretch of water between Ormsaigbeag and Mull actually is called? Is it really an extension of the the Sound of Mull or Outer Loch Sunart. Maps don't seem to help. Any ideas?