Monday, 5 August 2013

The Fuel Lottery

One of the pleasures of filling up at the Ferry Stores, West Ardnamurchan's only shop, is that, because it isn't self-service, you enjoy a lottery as to which member of staff emerges from the shop to serve you.  This is Lynne, who has a disconcerting habit of holding the fuel dispenser like a gun - which isn't really surprising as she used to be in the army.  At least with her you get a nice smile.

You might get this lady, Marilyn, who's fierce look hides a heart of gold.  I think she would have been more than a little upset had she turned round and seen the owner of the car she was filling smoking a cigarette right by the filling station's breather tubes, out of which comes a constant flow of high-octane fumes.  In summer, there's easily enough fuel underground to propel Marilyn into space, where she might have become the first West Ardnamurchan resident to join the International Space Station.

Lynne has asked that people look out for brothers Dave and Mick Higgins who are walking around Britain to raise money for Parkinson's UK.  Dave was at Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse yesterday, having come to it along the north coast.  Their website is here.

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