Saturday, 17 August 2013

Looking Across the Sound

The Harvest Caroline II, one of Ferguson Transport's ships used to carry fish feed to local salmon farms, was at anchor off Rubha nan Gall lighthouse near Tobermory yesterday evening and overnight.  In this picture the lighthouse keepers' cottages can be seen to the right.  Since this lighthouse, like all Northern Lighthouse Board's lights, is now fully automated, they were sold to a private buyer some years ago, but they're back on the market, and an interesting property they are, being linked to 'civilisation' by nothing but a muddy, winding path.  The estate agent's website is here.

We've been enjoying what Yr.No terms 'strong breezes', along with bursts of very heavy rain today, almost reminiscent of winter, but rough conditions don't bother the local pod of dolphins, who were on display in the bay below our house this afternoon.

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