Thursday, 1 August 2013

Last Night's Sunset

Looking across the Sound of Mull at about nine last night, with a slight mist haze across the water.  Rubha nan Gall lighthouse is at left, and Bloody Bay to the right.

The sunset a little later, seen from Mingary - picture courtesy the Raptor - while....

....this picture was taken from Kilchoan by Pat MacPhail, and....

....Ritchie Dinnes took this picture from Kilmory on the north coast of Ardnamurchan.

A beautifully calm evening - but the weather forecast is for a deterioration for this morning's yacht races, the first of the two-day West Ardnamurchan Regatta.  A full programme of events is available on the West Ardnamurchan News, here.

Many thanks to the Raptor, Pat and Ritchie for the photos.

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