Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Wildlife Walk

The short walk along the Ormsaigbeg road to the shop can produce a wealth of wildlife sightings.  The first of this morning's was a rabbit.  For many of you, rabbits are as common as muck and a pest, but we've hardly seen any in the last couple of years.  They're important, as a source of food for the buzzards and eagles, and for rarer species like Scottish wild cats.

We'd hardly taken two steps more when a sea eagle flew lazily along the length of Ormsaigbeg, including a slow fly past of Trevor Pott's Ardnamurchan Campsite - though, with the morning grey and breezy, with sudden bursts of Kilchoan sunshine, most of the campers were probably still in their tents.

As we passed Craigard Croft our attention was drawn to Kilchoan Bay and Hanno Hodgkin's yacht, which had a flotilla of geese bobbing around it.  A rough count came up with a total of seventy.

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  1. Quite right about the Rabbits being an important food source...well said Jon :)