Sunday, 4 August 2013

Regatta Postscript

This picture is published to set the record straight after yesterday's spectacular pictures of Geoff Campbell's knock-down - he does spend most of his time right side up, which is why he wins so many races.

And this picture of Chris Gane heading out into the Sound of Mull in yesterday's blustery conditions is by way of a 'thank you' to him for providing the rescue boat during Regatta.  All of us who race feel very much safer, particularly when the weather is a little exciting, knowing that Chris will be on the scene in minutes if there is a problem.

A final word about Regatta.  The supercomputer at Portuairk has crunched all the numbers, taken into account moon and tides and long-term climate predictions, and decided that Regatta next year will be on Thursday 31st July and Friday 1st August.

Many thanks to Geoff Campbell for the top picture.

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