Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Training Day

Our daughter Rachael has been working long hours in the local shop to earn enough for a holiday - two months trekking in Nepal.  With a free morning, and the date of departure approaching, she felt she ought to start getting into training for her assaults on Everest, K1 and Annapurna, so we decided to take a walk.... and the Highland weather, appreciating that she needed something Nepalese, duly obliged.

Rachael loaded her rucksack with unnecessary gear, and we set off up the ridge at the back of the house.  The higher we climbed....

....the thicker the weather became, the more the drizzle turned into even wetter drizzle, and the more the wind rose and blew it into our faces.

Our only companions on the hill were the scattered members of a flock of blackface sheep, who thought we were quite mad....

 ....plenty of fat, black slugs, and....

 ....a happy toad who was enjoying both the weather and the slugs.

Our objective was a rock at the western end of Druim na Gearr Leacainn.  It's a little special as it's formed of granite, a rock that doesn't occur locally, so it's a glacial erratic.  It seemed an appropriate seat for a very wet portrait.

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