Thursday, 8 August 2013

July Weather Report

This July was, according to today's reports, here, the second warmest Scotland has had since records began in 1910, with average temperatures 2C up and 45% more sunshine than usual.  When such statistics are announced, they usually seem to include everyone except us, particularly as July is often a bit disappointing, but this really has been good one.

Not that it started well when the huge The World nosed past us on the 2nd July in drizzle, but by the 7th the weather had picked up.

What followed was a series of warm, sunny days but with haar sometimes descending to spoil the fun.  We enjoyed seven consecutive days with a daily maximum over 20C, and two days saw 27C.

Many thanks to The Raptor for the picture, taken from Mingary Castle, of haar moving across the Sound of Mull.

After a short break for some almost welcome cooler and damper weather, the temperatures rose again until, on the 20th, the day Jessie was presented with her MBE, the thermometer hit 29.5C - which must, surely, be a record.  By this time there were worries about water supply, the month until that point having produced a mere 43mm.

Both Sports Day and the Kilchoan Pram Race enjoyed fine weather, but the last few days of the month were cooler and wetter.  This picture, taken on the evening of the 31st, shows the sun putting in a short appearance at the end of a damp day.

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