Friday, 2 August 2013

Regatta Day

The flags flying over Shore Cottage, the home of the West Ardnamurchan Regatta's race officials, almost tell the story of the day - blue skies, occasional puffy clouds, and a brisk southerly wind.

With such lovely weather, the crowds turned out for an exciting day's racing - but this picture needs a moment's explanation.  At the start of the day, when the morning's sailing race crossed the start line, there were two marquees, and the bouncy castle had been erected on the windward side of the bothy.

The sailors (prizewinners above) set off in a force 5 to 6, which gusted at times around 7.  The marquee took to the air.  The sailors battled the elements, one boat being knocked down twice.  The bouncy castle was moved into the lee of the bothy.  The sailors came home - to hear that all the inshore races were cancelled.

The West Ardnamurchan Regatta is an event with a long history.  After a lapse of some years, it was resurrected in 1984.  Today would have been the 30th in the current series - and this is the first time the inshore races have had to be cancelled.  It was a difficult decision for the committee, but a wise one, and it didn't prevent those attending having a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Full report to follow tomorrow.

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  1. Silverware! Pride of place back here in London. Thanks to all in Kilchoan for organising a great regatta, and of course to Geoff for taking me out as his crew.