Friday, 9 August 2013

Kilchoan Graveyard

Kilchoan's little graveyard, which lies a kilometre or so outside the village on the Lighthouse road, serves the whole of West Ardnamurchan.  It's a wonderfully peaceful place which is very important to those whose loved ones now lie there.  What's nice, when one visits it, is that there are always a few sheep around to greet visitors.
Surrounded by a neat hedge, and with a stand of trees down one side, it lies in a fold in the hills with a view south, across the Sound of Mull to Mull itself.  In general, it's very well maintained, with gravel paths, and grass so neatly cut that it's more like a carpet than a lawn.
Because this place is so important, people do expect high standards, and it seems a shame that the gate lacks a coat of Hammerite and a closing mechanism which works - this odd length of orange plastic string isn't very beautiful.

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