Monday, 1 April 2013

Allt Fascadale - 2

Wednesday's walk took us up the Allt Fascadale - earlier post here.  Following its valley would have been easier going if we had stuck to the open land of its higher slopes, but the valley bottom looked so enticing that we dropped down into it....

....via a steep descent down one of the burn's tributaries.

In the shadowed valley some sections of the stream were covered in a crust of ice, and in places the valley became so narrow that we had to continually cross and re-cross the stream to make progress - something that wouldn't have been possible except for the dry weather.

After some dark and hectic scrambling we came out into much more open land - this view looks back down the upper valley.  In one of the grassy patches we saw a peacock butterfly, the first of the season, but he was too quick to photograph.

Looking up to our right we saw the summit of Meall nan Con (above), while to the left we looked towards Beinn an Leathaid.

We didn't quite reach the source of the Allt Fascadale - that'll have to wait for another day - instead leaving the valley and climbing the lower slopes of Meall nan Con before turning back for the car....

....on our way passing some of the Allt Fascadale's tributaries frozen into sculptured icefalls.

An interactive version of this map is here.
The walk took three hours in very good conditions.

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