Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Human Nuisance

"Oh, no.  It's humans."
"Wretched animals.  They always seem to disturb us at the most inconvenient moments."
"D'you think we ought to.... you know.... move?"

"I really think we should.  They're a bit close.  And you remember what happened to old Bert."
"Nah.  That lot - they're harmless."
"I'm not so sure.  Think I'm going to move."

"Dratted animals."
"There's far too many of them."
"Yeah, more and more."
"Someone should cull them."

Photos taken on Ardnamurchan Estate land in the Ockle Valley in March.
Cottages for rent in Ockle at Ockle Holidays.


  1. Just to clarify things Jon, were they on Ardnamurchan Estate or were they on Ockle ? (two separate estates )

  2. The Editor is away on holiday until next month and I have been given the job of moderating comments. You will have to wait until next month for a response to your question Sue.